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Yearbook Pictures!

It was the first day of classes! I totally hated it! I really didn't want P.E. last period. I wanted Boys Athletics 4th period. There are such wierd peple in that group. That one girl who really likes the color green was there and she kept calling me biscuit... That girl needs to get her head examined. Seriuosly. I'm not kidding. I think her names Rachel. I just call her "Freak." It fits her well.

As promised yesterday (I didn't really promise) here are some Yearbook pictures!

I only have 2 or 3 pictures in there. That sucks. Someone must be against me.

Here's the BIG picture:

I think I look so retarded in that photo! You can't really tell on here, but I really do!

Here's a picture from last year's Triduum:
I wasn't really sleeping. We were playing some stupid game. Blah!

This last picture I didn't even notice me until my mom pointed it out:

I think that one's funny! I had another picture, the Track Team picture, but I'm too lazy to put it on here. Plus, I'm wearing that stupid track uniform. I didn't like the little track shorts.

That's pretty much it...agian. Tommorow is Friday. Nothing happening. Next Friday there will be the FIRST PEP RALLY! Yep, we have a game!

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