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Triduum Day 3

It's finally over bitches! Triduum is offically over! Today we did... something. I don't really remember. I do remember listening to a bunch of people talk about Community (the "word" for this years Triduum, last years was integrity). Soooo boring. Afterwards we played a bunch of wierd games. I also remember something about donuts. YUM!

After lunch we watched the movie Radio. It was alright. It was better than last year's movie about Sally Fields in a crappy-ass Texas town with a bunch of tornados.

I would have to say, this '05 Triduum wasn't bad. Wasn't as good as last years, but whatever.

Tommorow we start school (officially) and I HOPE and PRAY it's not going to be torture. I got tortured enough yesterday.

I would post some pictures of me from last year's yearbook we got a couple of dasys ago, but it's too late and I have to get up early to get all books to my locker. I'm glad I got a good locker space! Nice location! Hooray.

Keep it Pimpin!

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