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Triduum Day 2

That's right it's Day 2 of 3. It was community service day and we were pretty much tortured, but I had somewhat of a good time. We had to get in our groups and go with a couple of other groups to clean up some graves and stuff at a cemetery. Before we got there, none of us thought it would be that bad... We were wrong.

It was a small little cemetery next to some white trash houses. It was totally overgrown with brush and trees. I felt sort-of sad that these graves weren't taken care of . What was sooo bad about was the freakin' HEAT! Everyone got sweaty cleaning up that shit. UGH! It was humid too and there were bugs everywhere. They just wanted to us to SUFFER!

But I'm not the one to complain of course...

On the ride back everyone in the truck we rode in was quite. Nobody wanted to move. We were to weak. Dang! I should have brought the camera. There were some Kodak moments to be added to the memory book. Oh well.

After we ate lunch, I learned something interesting from my friend Marrissa (a.k.a Bertha, a.k.a Crackwhore). First, every class has a different color t-shirt. Freshman-Goldenrod, Sophomores- Red, Juniors- Light Green, Seniors- Blue. Yesterday, Bertha was sitting in the gym watching the guys play dodgeball. There was a group of girls (the wierd-o's) sitting behind her. At on point Bertha turned around. A freshman girl looked at her light green shirt and said "The color green makes me horny!"


That girl wasn't the prettiest and I definitely wouldn't want to wear anything green around her.

Later we had to go into the auditorium and listen to some guy talk about serving others and being a good christian. Then other people got up and talked about going and volunteering at their...place or whatever.

Tommorow is the last day of Triduum and it's meditation and bonding day.

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