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Triduum Day 1

Today was the first day of school/ triduum. I finally got to see all my friends.
Not much really happend. We watched the incoming freshmen do the stupid "banana dance" they make freshmen do every year. They totally sucked at it. Afterward, we played some wierd games that involved having to carry people, run around, and climb on top of you.
We had to get in our "community" groups and play a bunch of games. The group with the most points won, or something. I got to leave because I had a ortho/dentist appointment.
I totally missed the games (my group lost) and got back at lunch. The rest of the day was class meeings and boringness, just listening to Deacon Jeff (the hardest theology teacher ever, I hear) babble on and on. I'm so glad that is over.
Tommorow we have the worst thing EVER to do....It's community service day and we have to go to a cemetary to clean up graves. What Fun. Wish me luck everyone.

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