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*JJ: Totally Tubular!*

Randomness Day!

UGH! Nothing to do today, once agian. I mainly slept and then got out of the house for a couple of hours with my parents before coming back to my cave. We had to stop by 2 of the most boring stores ever: Home Depot and Lowe's. We did stop by Hobby Lobby and got a drink at Fazoli's.
I wanted to go see a movie tonight, but my friends pretty much RUINED it for me...
My friend Reena called me to see what was going on. I asked she wanted to help me get a bunch of people together for a movie. She was going to here Dad's house in Marlin, 45 minutes away from here. Then I got worse news: Reena told me Molly (a.k.a Princess) had MOVED! What the Hell? She moved out of her house over a week ago and she didn't even bother calling me! Bitch! I had been texting her all week! By that time I just gave up on the movie. AT least this next week I'll have something to do (school. blah!).

Since I don't want to bore you people with my rambles of how my summer blows, I will give you a little peek at our newspaper, The Waco Tribune Herald. Here's some rules to follow: ONLY READ THE YELLOW HIGHLIGHTED PART! That will make it funnier.

I hope ya'll got it! Because if you didn't understand it then... Doesn't that guy just look like he's sitting on the toilet?

Hooray! I got pictures of stuff! Random Stuff! I put these pictures on the Heatherette Forum.
These are my Prized Posessions:

My cell phone and my Ipod mini.

All of my clothes! Well, the picture doesn't show them all. I'm washing em

OREOS! I usually eat this prized possesion. Then I get MORE!

My Steve Madden Shoes.

My cat: Cleo! I made the picture look like she was trying to escape the Nazis in WWII.

There that's all of them! And that's all of me for today. Tomorrow I have to go some stupid Book Day thing at school to get all my books and stuff. What fun.

Keep it Pimpin!

P.S. Comment, Comment, Comment!

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