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Pep Rally & a Football Game.

Yesterday we had the first pep rally/ Football Game. So much excitment. Go Reicher Catholic High School!

First of all, the pep rally we had totally SUCKED! Last year they were sooo much better. This year the band was bigger, but they didn't know when to play their trumpets and crap like that. After the band didn't know how to play, the cheerleaders were thrown into the air (except one who messed up). Then they threw them into the air again and....
One of the cheerleaders knee was hurt and she couldn't stand back up. She was carried out of the gym. Later we saw her at the game on crutches.
Once again, that pep rally sucked.

At the football game, we won, of course. STATE CHAMPS '04! Woo-hoo! Probably not this year! Woo-Hoo! We won 14-0.
At the game I learned new and interesting things, like how there might be a "certain picture" circulating in the guy's locker room. I also learned that people make out a lot.
I watched the half-time perfomances, no Janet Jackson moments. The JAZZ CATS, the Reicher dance team, perfomed in sparkly tops, and the twirlers/flag people are total nerds.

Overall, this whole football experiance sucked...but now I know to take a camera to the pep rally.

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