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Frustrated Parent/Book Day!

School is starting tommorow (damn it!) and today we had our annual Book Day at school.
After a morning at church and meaningless talk with the old church goers, I mostly did nothing, until 20 minutes before we had to leave for Book Day. My Dad started going PSYCHO and frustrated, running around trying to get things ready. Our school isn't selling used books, so my Dad had to sell most of them on a link on our school's website. That's why he went totally crazy.

We got to my school at 2:00 and immediatly started to do the lunch forms, school pictures, t-shirt buying, and new book buying.

I hate what we have for lunch. There is no McDonalds what-so-ever. That means...NO CHICKEN McNUGGETS...*shock* . *horror*. I didn't order the nasty BBQ they have for us from some local place or the soft tacos they have. They smelled like something wet. Something sickening. You get the idea.

I got my picture taken. Hopefully it doesn't end up as last years picture. I looked retarted. I can't believe that's going to be in the yearbook.

I got some school t-shirts, but we had to order them since they ran out. We also had to buy new books. My history book looked as big as the Yellow Pages. I can't wait to see what Sister Natalie has to say about that! Oh, and I'll tell you about Sister Natalie later.

Other than that fun, I saw that none of my classmates had really changed much. We got some new students, I think, and some students that left us before and are back.

This next week is going to be... I'm not sure, but I am sure what the plan is for the next three days. The first the days are Triduum, some thing were supposed to do to in groups of a mixture of freshman, sophomore, juniors, and seniors. Here's the plan:
Triduum Day 1: "Game Day"
Triduum Day 2: "Community Service Day"
Triduum Day 3: "Meditaton and Bonding Day"

Sounds like fun huh? At least I don't have to go to classes until Thursday.

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