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Pep Rally & a Football Game.

Yesterday we had the first pep rally/ Football Game. So much excitment. Go Reicher Catholic High School!

First of all, the pep rally we had totally SUCKED! Last year they were sooo much better. This year the band was bigger, but they didn't know when to play their trumpets and crap like that. After the band didn't know how to play, the cheerleaders were thrown into the air (except one who messed up). Then they threw them into the air again and....
One of the cheerleaders knee was hurt and she couldn't stand back up. She was carried out of the gym. Later we saw her at the game on crutches.
Once again, that pep rally sucked.

At the football game, we won, of course. STATE CHAMPS '04! Woo-hoo! Probably not this year! Woo-Hoo! We won 14-0.
At the game I learned new and interesting things, like how there might be a "certain picture" circulating in the guy's locker room. I also learned that people make out a lot.
I watched the half-time perfomances, no Janet Jackson moments. The JAZZ CATS, the Reicher dance team, perfomed in sparkly tops, and the twirlers/flag people are total nerds.

Overall, this whole football experiance sucked...but now I know to take a camera to the pep rally.

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Bad case of Red Eye.

AAAAHHHHH! I feel like shit!
Being in Waco, pollen and crap like that is BIG. As in....a lot.
My allergies are terrible. I feel terrible.
My eyes are so RED. Someone thought I was crying. Someone else thought I had been smoking weed.
I guess I have Red Eye. Isn't that a new movie with Rachel McAdams?
I seriously need to get out of this Hell Hole.
I have too much to do. I feel sick.
I'll post agian tomorrow with something actually to say.
I need an Aspirin or something.

Keep it....ugh.

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What to say, What to say...

Gosh! I have'nt posted since...I don't know.
Anyway, this last weekend was boring, that's why I didn't update. I mostly went shopping for school supplies and crap.
Today at school was BORING!
I was thinking of just posting tomorrow, but whatevs.
There really isn't much to say.
UGH! I hate when I have nothing to say.
Well, I guess I'll just post again tomorrow or something.
I have to go watch Laguna Beach and My Super Sweet 16 now.

Keep it Pimpin!

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Yearbook Pictures!

It was the first day of classes! I totally hated it! I really didn't want P.E. last period. I wanted Boys Athletics 4th period. There are such wierd peple in that group. That one girl who really likes the color green was there and she kept calling me biscuit... That girl needs to get her head examined. Seriuosly. I'm not kidding. I think her names Rachel. I just call her "Freak." It fits her well.

As promised yesterday (I didn't really promise) here are some Yearbook pictures!

I only have 2 or 3 pictures in there. That sucks. Someone must be against me.

Here's the BIG picture:

I think I look so retarded in that photo! You can't really tell on here, but I really do!

Here's a picture from last year's Triduum:
I wasn't really sleeping. We were playing some stupid game. Blah!

This last picture I didn't even notice me until my mom pointed it out:

I think that one's funny! I had another picture, the Track Team picture, but I'm too lazy to put it on here. Plus, I'm wearing that stupid track uniform. I didn't like the little track shorts.

That's pretty much it...agian. Tommorow is Friday. Nothing happening. Next Friday there will be the FIRST PEP RALLY! Yep, we have a game!

Keep it Pimpin!

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Triduum Day 3

It's finally over bitches! Triduum is offically over! Today we did... something. I don't really remember. I do remember listening to a bunch of people talk about Community (the "word" for this years Triduum, last years was integrity). Soooo boring. Afterwards we played a bunch of wierd games. I also remember something about donuts. YUM!

After lunch we watched the movie Radio. It was alright. It was better than last year's movie about Sally Fields in a crappy-ass Texas town with a bunch of tornados.

I would have to say, this '05 Triduum wasn't bad. Wasn't as good as last years, but whatever.

Tommorow we start school (officially) and I HOPE and PRAY it's not going to be torture. I got tortured enough yesterday.

I would post some pictures of me from last year's yearbook we got a couple of dasys ago, but it's too late and I have to get up early to get all books to my locker. I'm glad I got a good locker space! Nice location! Hooray.

Keep it Pimpin!

P.S. Please! Comment! Don't be totally uncool!

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Triduum Day 2

That's right it's Day 2 of 3. It was community service day and we were pretty much tortured, but I had somewhat of a good time. We had to get in our groups and go with a couple of other groups to clean up some graves and stuff at a cemetery. Before we got there, none of us thought it would be that bad... We were wrong.

It was a small little cemetery next to some white trash houses. It was totally overgrown with brush and trees. I felt sort-of sad that these graves weren't taken care of . What was sooo bad about was the freakin' HEAT! Everyone got sweaty cleaning up that shit. UGH! It was humid too and there were bugs everywhere. They just wanted to us to SUFFER!

But I'm not the one to complain of course...

On the ride back everyone in the truck we rode in was quite. Nobody wanted to move. We were to weak. Dang! I should have brought the camera. There were some Kodak moments to be added to the memory book. Oh well.

After we ate lunch, I learned something interesting from my friend Marrissa (a.k.a Bertha, a.k.a Crackwhore). First, every class has a different color t-shirt. Freshman-Goldenrod, Sophomores- Red, Juniors- Light Green, Seniors- Blue. Yesterday, Bertha was sitting in the gym watching the guys play dodgeball. There was a group of girls (the wierd-o's) sitting behind her. At on point Bertha turned around. A freshman girl looked at her light green shirt and said "The color green makes me horny!"


That girl wasn't the prettiest and I definitely wouldn't want to wear anything green around her.

Later we had to go into the auditorium and listen to some guy talk about serving others and being a good christian. Then other people got up and talked about going and volunteering at their...place or whatever.

Tommorow is the last day of Triduum and it's meditation and bonding day.

Keep it Pimpin!

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Triduum Day 1

Today was the first day of school/ triduum. I finally got to see all my friends.
Not much really happend. We watched the incoming freshmen do the stupid "banana dance" they make freshmen do every year. They totally sucked at it. Afterward, we played some wierd games that involved having to carry people, run around, and climb on top of you.
We had to get in our "community" groups and play a bunch of games. The group with the most points won, or something. I got to leave because I had a ortho/dentist appointment.
I totally missed the games (my group lost) and got back at lunch. The rest of the day was class meeings and boringness, just listening to Deacon Jeff (the hardest theology teacher ever, I hear) babble on and on. I'm so glad that is over.
Tommorow we have the worst thing EVER to do....It's community service day and we have to go to a cemetary to clean up graves. What Fun. Wish me luck everyone.

Keep it Pimpin!

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Frustrated Parent/Book Day!

School is starting tommorow (damn it!) and today we had our annual Book Day at school.
After a morning at church and meaningless talk with the old church goers, I mostly did nothing, until 20 minutes before we had to leave for Book Day. My Dad started going PSYCHO and frustrated, running around trying to get things ready. Our school isn't selling used books, so my Dad had to sell most of them on a link on our school's website. That's why he went totally crazy.

We got to my school at 2:00 and immediatly started to do the lunch forms, school pictures, t-shirt buying, and new book buying.

I hate what we have for lunch. There is no McDonalds what-so-ever. That means...NO CHICKEN McNUGGETS...*shock* . *horror*. I didn't order the nasty BBQ they have for us from some local place or the soft tacos they have. They smelled like something wet. Something sickening. You get the idea.

I got my picture taken. Hopefully it doesn't end up as last years picture. I looked retarted. I can't believe that's going to be in the yearbook.

I got some school t-shirts, but we had to order them since they ran out. We also had to buy new books. My history book looked as big as the Yellow Pages. I can't wait to see what Sister Natalie has to say about that! Oh, and I'll tell you about Sister Natalie later.

Other than that fun, I saw that none of my classmates had really changed much. We got some new students, I think, and some students that left us before and are back.

This next week is going to be... I'm not sure, but I am sure what the plan is for the next three days. The first the days are Triduum, some thing were supposed to do to in groups of a mixture of freshman, sophomore, juniors, and seniors. Here's the plan:
Triduum Day 1: "Game Day"
Triduum Day 2: "Community Service Day"
Triduum Day 3: "Meditaton and Bonding Day"

Sounds like fun huh? At least I don't have to go to classes until Thursday.

Keep it Pimpin!

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Randomness Day!

UGH! Nothing to do today, once agian. I mainly slept and then got out of the house for a couple of hours with my parents before coming back to my cave. We had to stop by 2 of the most boring stores ever: Home Depot and Lowe's. We did stop by Hobby Lobby and got a drink at Fazoli's.
I wanted to go see a movie tonight, but my friends pretty much RUINED it for me...
My friend Reena called me to see what was going on. I asked she wanted to help me get a bunch of people together for a movie. She was going to here Dad's house in Marlin, 45 minutes away from here. Then I got worse news: Reena told me Molly (a.k.a Princess) had MOVED! What the Hell? She moved out of her house over a week ago and she didn't even bother calling me! Bitch! I had been texting her all week! By that time I just gave up on the movie. AT least this next week I'll have something to do (school. blah!).

Since I don't want to bore you people with my rambles of how my summer blows, I will give you a little peek at our newspaper, The Waco Tribune Herald. Here's some rules to follow: ONLY READ THE YELLOW HIGHLIGHTED PART! That will make it funnier.

I hope ya'll got it! Because if you didn't understand it then... Doesn't that guy just look like he's sitting on the toilet?

Hooray! I got pictures of stuff! Random Stuff! I put these pictures on the Heatherette Forum.
These are my Prized Posessions:

My cell phone and my Ipod mini.

All of my clothes! Well, the picture doesn't show them all. I'm washing em

OREOS! I usually eat this prized possesion. Then I get MORE!

My Steve Madden Shoes.

My cat: Cleo! I made the picture look like she was trying to escape the Nazis in WWII.

There that's all of them! And that's all of me for today. Tomorrow I have to go some stupid Book Day thing at school to get all my books and stuff. What fun.

Keep it Pimpin!

P.S. Comment, Comment, Comment!

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Happy Hour!

Summer is ending soon. This is my last weekend to be a free being before I have to go back to school. Today was my last day to do my weekly (Friday, 3:00-4:00) community service (thank you Jesus) at Providence Park- a retirement home. I think that it's bad enough working with the senior citizens, but I have to ask them things and give them things? Worst of all: I HAVE TO GIVE THEM ALCOHOL? Gosh! I can't even drink it! Damn age limits!

Lets see... My Dad was there with me, making the drinks. He made the following drinks:

  • Bloody Mary
  • Margarita
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Rum & Coke

That's just to name a few. I swear, I never thought the elderly drank so much! One lady was there almost every week we came. She got about 3-4 drinks everytime. We had our other usuals like the priest, the nun, the guy who can't talk, and the lady who can't hear a word your saying. Oh! And then there's the rude creepy guy! He wears shorts with long socks and a sweater everytime we see him. He obviously has no fashion sence. Last week he kept wandering around and watering plants. I ran into him accidentily with the cart that held the beverages. I hope he's still alright.

Other than those "exciting" experiences, it was just like I thought it would be:

Something I NEVER want to do again.

Thank God school is starting Monday and I don't have to do that anymore (Did I just say what I think I said?). The only thing I'll miss is sneaking a drink or....Oops. Forget I said that.

I have to say: I know I will see them again. One of these days I will have to go back, I have a feeling about it. I also have a feeling I will be forced by someone to go back.


CLICK HERE to check out where I volunteered. Go to "Take a virtual tour Providence Park: Click here" and press the link that says "Dining Room" and there you go!

Keep it Pimpin!

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101 Things About Me

Hooray! The day has finally come! It's the opening of my blog (not like anybody cares) and I'm so freakin' excited (not really)! I'm sure you were wondering, "Why did he wait so long to open this damn thing?" Well, I had to make sure the look and stuff of the site were good... at least to my stantards. Do you like? I wanted it to be like Heatherette's website, just a little more colorful. Yeah. So, anyway, now I bet you're wondering "Who is this asshole?"
1. I'm a guy.
2. I love Chicken McNuggets.
3. I also love Nicole Richie!
4. I like Chicken McNuggets more than Nicole Richie.
5. I am a metrosexual.
6. My favorite color is aqua/turqouise (
the color of the font)
7. I HATE reading.
8. I think reading is really boring.
9. I have braces.
10. My teeth are really screwed up.
11. I have a lot of gaps (I used to have one in my 2 front teeth, but then I got braces...)
12. After the gap closed up, I found out 1 tooth is longer than the other.
13. I hate my teeth.
14. My favorite move is Napoleon Dynamite (Typical teen).
15. I'm not a big fan of video games (Why does everybody think I do that all day?)
16. I have a sister and a brother.
17. I have a half-sister and a half-brother.
18. I am the youngest.
19. My best friend is a princess (and her name is Princess...seriously).
20. My last name is Ritch
21. My last name doesn't live up to it's meaning (sort-of).
22. I go to a private Catholic school
23. I like art.
24. I like to make art more than I like to look at it.
25.I own a black cat (Cleo)!
26.I own a dog (Joey)!
27. I own a dirty room.
28. I love Jayne Mansfield.
29. I like Paris Hilton. Then she got engaged.
30. I am now indifferent about Paris Hilton.
31. I like fashion.
32. I love many designers.
33. I can draw.
34. I'm not that great at drawing people (I do better than others though).
35. I used to love the Rugrats.
36. I still do secretly.
37. I would rather have sex with a ghost than take TrimSpa.
38. I am skinny.
39. I'm tall.
40. I hate being tall and skinny.
41. I wasn't born skinny (I was a chubby baby).
42. I was born on June 20, 1990.
43. I think Gemini's totally rock!
44. My favorite singer is Aaliyah.
45. I like rap/hip-hop/R&B.
46. I like other music too.
47. I hate country and techno (Techno is worse).
48. I can get addicted to things online.
49. It's been happening since 2002.
50. Right know I'm addicted to:
http://pinkisthenewblog.com/, http://bryanboy.typepad.com/, and http://www.heatherette.com/phpBB2/index.php.
51.I think I should get some shout-outs because of that.
52. I have brown hair.
53. I have blue eyes.
54. I have shingles (just kidding, but a lot of people in this town do).
55. I live in Hell Hole, Texas (a.k.a. Waco, Texas)
56. I hate this place.
57. I like Haagen Dazs "Dulce de Leche" ice cream (it's deleicious).
58.It takes me forever to come up with things about myself for a list.
59. I never get finished with a 101 things about me list.

Okay, so that was my 59 things about me list. I need to be reminded that I should never do another 101 list again. That should be on the list.

60. I need to be reminded never to do another 101 list again.
61. Especially if the 101 list is about me.

Now that you now everything you need to know about me...maybe...I can start talking about WHATEVER THE HELL I WANT BITCHES! Which won't be much. Just kidding. Not really.

Keep it Pimpin'!

P.S. Does anybody know how to get this all moved over to the left? I'm confused.

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Just a Few More Days...

This blog is starting on: THURSDAY, AUGUST 11, 2005. You better be ready...

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