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Okay ya'll its official: I suck at blogging. I am quitting JJ: Totally Tubular.

From now on go here:


I think I will have more comments there.

Bye ya'll!

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Yes! We had another pep rally/ football game! This time I have an awesome (sort-of) story to share! But I'll talk about that later...
But first let's talk about the PEP RALLY. Thank God that this pep rally didn't suck like the last one. No one got hurt and the JAZZ CATS gave a hoochie mama dance and stuff. Did I just say... nevermind.
Now for the FOOTBALL GAME! First off, we won 21-20. GO COUGARS! Second, I've got a fun story!

I hope you all know Bertha. Well, she's a junior and there's this other new junior (who's a Korean exchange student) who is Bertha's new friend. Today, Bertha brought Bora (that's the Korean girl's name) to the game. Bora, who was wearing a droopy purple top, white capris, heels, and a pink holy purse (as in many holes), decided to ditch Bertha and hang out with some other people. Bertha got a little pissed. She didnt invite Bertha to go and see some more popular kids. Around the 3rd quarter of the game, Bertha wanted to go home but couldn't find Bora. Bora was supposed to be taken home by Bertha. This is when the search happend. Bertha, my freshman friend Leah, some eight grade kid that showed up out of no-where named Marina, and I started looking for her. We looked everywhere. These were our theories of what happend to her:
  • She was off doing crack.
  • She was making/doing meth.
  • She was passed out next to a car with a bunch of beer bottles around her.
  • She was on the opposite teams side eating hamburgers.
  • She was in the parking lot eating a hamburger.
  • She got raped.
  • She was making-out with some guy.
  • She was kidnapped.
  • She was playing football (in heals) with the little kids.
  • She was stuck in the bathroom.
  • She was in Venezuala, frozen (?????)
  • She was in the ambulance for some reason.

Most of these theories ended up being wrong after the bathrooms and the ambulance was checked. I thought she was off doing crack somewhere. Bertha ended up searching for her in the stands while Leah, Marina, and I just stood around. Then... I got a call.


Can you guess where she was and what she was doing?

She went with some other girl to get a smoothie at Bahama bucks. BERTHA WAS PISSED OFF! She called her mom before Bora showed up. When Bora came through the gate, Bertha chewed her out for leaving her. Bertha went home and gave Bora the job of finding a new ride home. Bora ended up crying while Leah was talking to her, but oh well. That was exciting.

The rest of the game I ended up sitting near a flag twirler named Haley. I think thats how you spell her name. Soooooo, that was the funness and the excitment. Until we have more next week (I hope)!

Keep it Pimpin!

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Pep Rally & a Football Game.

Yesterday we had the first pep rally/ Football Game. So much excitment. Go Reicher Catholic High School!

First of all, the pep rally we had totally SUCKED! Last year they were sooo much better. This year the band was bigger, but they didn't know when to play their trumpets and crap like that. After the band didn't know how to play, the cheerleaders were thrown into the air (except one who messed up). Then they threw them into the air again and....
One of the cheerleaders knee was hurt and she couldn't stand back up. She was carried out of the gym. Later we saw her at the game on crutches.
Once again, that pep rally sucked.

At the football game, we won, of course. STATE CHAMPS '04! Woo-hoo! Probably not this year! Woo-Hoo! We won 14-0.
At the game I learned new and interesting things, like how there might be a "certain picture" circulating in the guy's locker room. I also learned that people make out a lot.
I watched the half-time perfomances, no Janet Jackson moments. The JAZZ CATS, the Reicher dance team, perfomed in sparkly tops, and the twirlers/flag people are total nerds.

Overall, this whole football experiance sucked...but now I know to take a camera to the pep rally.

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Bad case of Red Eye.

AAAAHHHHH! I feel like shit!
Being in Waco, pollen and crap like that is BIG. As in....a lot.
My allergies are terrible. I feel terrible.
My eyes are so RED. Someone thought I was crying. Someone else thought I had been smoking weed.
I guess I have Red Eye. Isn't that a new movie with Rachel McAdams?
I seriously need to get out of this Hell Hole.
I have too much to do. I feel sick.
I'll post agian tomorrow with something actually to say.
I need an Aspirin or something.

Keep it....ugh.

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What to say, What to say...

Gosh! I have'nt posted since...I don't know.
Anyway, this last weekend was boring, that's why I didn't update. I mostly went shopping for school supplies and crap.
Today at school was BORING!
I was thinking of just posting tomorrow, but whatevs.
There really isn't much to say.
UGH! I hate when I have nothing to say.
Well, I guess I'll just post again tomorrow or something.
I have to go watch Laguna Beach and My Super Sweet 16 now.

Keep it Pimpin!

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Yearbook Pictures!

It was the first day of classes! I totally hated it! I really didn't want P.E. last period. I wanted Boys Athletics 4th period. There are such wierd peple in that group. That one girl who really likes the color green was there and she kept calling me biscuit... That girl needs to get her head examined. Seriuosly. I'm not kidding. I think her names Rachel. I just call her "Freak." It fits her well.

As promised yesterday (I didn't really promise) here are some Yearbook pictures!

I only have 2 or 3 pictures in there. That sucks. Someone must be against me.

Here's the BIG picture:

I think I look so retarded in that photo! You can't really tell on here, but I really do!

Here's a picture from last year's Triduum:
I wasn't really sleeping. We were playing some stupid game. Blah!

This last picture I didn't even notice me until my mom pointed it out:

I think that one's funny! I had another picture, the Track Team picture, but I'm too lazy to put it on here. Plus, I'm wearing that stupid track uniform. I didn't like the little track shorts.

That's pretty much it...agian. Tommorow is Friday. Nothing happening. Next Friday there will be the FIRST PEP RALLY! Yep, we have a game!

Keep it Pimpin!

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Triduum Day 3

It's finally over bitches! Triduum is offically over! Today we did... something. I don't really remember. I do remember listening to a bunch of people talk about Community (the "word" for this years Triduum, last years was integrity). Soooo boring. Afterwards we played a bunch of wierd games. I also remember something about donuts. YUM!

After lunch we watched the movie Radio. It was alright. It was better than last year's movie about Sally Fields in a crappy-ass Texas town with a bunch of tornados.

I would have to say, this '05 Triduum wasn't bad. Wasn't as good as last years, but whatever.

Tommorow we start school (officially) and I HOPE and PRAY it's not going to be torture. I got tortured enough yesterday.

I would post some pictures of me from last year's yearbook we got a couple of dasys ago, but it's too late and I have to get up early to get all books to my locker. I'm glad I got a good locker space! Nice location! Hooray.

Keep it Pimpin!

P.S. Please! Comment! Don't be totally uncool!

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